Chemical Spill

l Spills Chemical spills can result in chemical exposures and contaminations. Whether a chemical spill can be safely cleaned up by laboratory staff depends on multiple factors including the hazards of the chemicals spilled, the size of the spill, the presence of incompatible materials, and whether you have adequate training and supplies to safely clean up the spill. DO NOT enter the area if you cannot assess the conditions of the environment well enough to be sure of your own safety.

Course Name: Chemical Spill
Course duration: 5 DAYS
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Training Contents:



   1. Role of Emergency Response Team.

   2. Review of Chemical classifications and hazard labeling.

   3. Spill activation procedures and response priorities.

   4. Review of Personal Protective Equipment and clean-up materials.

   5. Hands-on familiarization with equipment.

   6. Personal Protective Equipment donning exercises.

   7. Review of simple chemical identification tests.

   8. Practical chemical identification exercise.

   9. Spill clean-up and waste disposal procedures, e.g. acids and solvents.

   10. Decontamination procedures.



Method of Training:



   1. Classroom presentation on projector, supplemented by videos, and flip chart discussions throughout the course.

   2. Course handouts, training records, evaluation forms are also provided and used.



Training Aim:


This training is designed to provide the course participants with the appropriate information on the hazards and dangers of working with chemicals and how to react in the correct manner should a chemical spill occur.


What will You Get:

On completion of this training, participants will be able to:
  •    1. Identify chemicals in the workplace.
  •    2. List procedures for chemical spill emergencies.
  •    3. Use of spill control equipment competently.
  •    4. Describe how to dispose of chemicals safely following clean-up.
  •    5. Follow precise decontamination procedures.

Evaluation and Feedback:

The evaluation will be followed by four significant steps including:
  1.    1. Learning Assessment
  2.    2. Behavior Assessment
  3.    3. Knowledge Assessment
  4.    4. Performance Evaluation


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